Still Busy...

Just as the title says... I swear I haven't been so busy in a LONG time! Lots and lots and lots of research work. I haven't had much time for myself, which sucks, but I know that at least after the presentation is over (2 weeks!), I'll be able to take a deep breath and calm down a bit. At that point, I'll fly to California for a mini-vacation and to pick up Hitchcock!

On a happy, and political, note, Obama's inaugural speech made me tear up and flat out cry in parts. I know he's a politician, so I'm taking it with a (small) grain of salt, but I have so much hope for the next four years and I really wish for change for this country. It needs it! Also, having it be Bush's LAST DAY EVER was just beyond amazing too, of course! :)

In between all my business at work, I have been able to start and work on my super-secret lacework project! And I'm so happy to be able to unveil it in all its work-in-progress glory. So, without further ado, my very own Girasole Blanket!

Girasole Blanket - WIP

Girasole Blanket - WIP

Now I know what you are all thinking: is this girl in love with Jared Flood or what? And the answer to that is hell yeah I am! His projects are beyond cool and full of awesome cables and lace! I totally have a secret crush on him (in a very platonic way, of course) and I'm excited about moving to Brooklyn next year just so I have a bigger chance of running into him on the street. Yes, I've thought about this and I promise you I am not a crazy stalker... or am I? *shifty eyes*

Ahem, moving back to the Girasole... Not only is it a lot of fun to knit (though the rows are SO LONG and only going to get longer - 640 stitches... ack!), I just love love love doing lacework in heavy worsted weight yarn. I mean, who doesn't?

Girasole Blanket - WIP

Girasole Blanket - WIP

I am making it in Rowan Cocoon and it's wonderfully soft. The mohair in it is also going to give it a nice shimmer once it's done too... I can't wait to finish it, though blocking it will be a bit of a problem in a small, 1-bedroom New York City apartment. I mean, where am I going to PUT it to block??? LOL!

I was so busy taking pictures of the blanket, I didn't notice anything around me. Then I looked down near my feet and found this little cutie looking back at me:

Melt your heart cute

Now doesn't that just melt your heart?


  1. What a cutie!

    I loved Obama's speech. He's so amazing to listen to. I just wish that he talked more about how we need to change instead of just saying that a change needs to occur.

    Your Girasole is beautiful!

  2. I luv luv the Girasole blanket!!! it's beautiful and you have done a fantastic job...what a great idea. Your photos are amazing. I hope one day to take better photos.

  3. If you have to pick someone to fall in love with (platonically), Jared Flood is a good choice. I saw him here in PDX, and he was charming; his pictures are gorgeous. Yours are really lovely, too!

    Sweet puppy eyes; just waiting for your attention!

  4. Aww that is just the sweetest thing..:) Your Girasole is magnificant , I can't wait to see it when you finish, I love the color choice too.

  5. I haven't seen this blanket pattern before, it is beautiful!

    Obama's inauguration has kept me in good spirits since yesterday at noon! I agree with you, his speech was as always excellent.