Goodbye 2008, Happy 2009!

I can't believe that 2008 is over... it flew by, but I'm actually pretty glad that it is gone, done and over with. There were some really bad times and I'm looking forward to 2009 with the hope that it will be wonderful! Of course, there were some great times in 2008, and some new things tried (it definitely wasn't ALL bad), and I wanted to go through and post all the good things that were accomplished in the last year (thanks Yarndancer for the idea!)... and yes some of it will incorporate pictures as I love me some pictures!

- I got to visit my family in Brazil and spend some relaxing days in beautiful Bahia.

Late in the day

- We went to Europe for the first time in my life and got to visit beautiful Romania (first pic) and gorgeous Paris (second pic)!


From Below

- I got married and it was an absolutely wonderful day! Seriously, I know it's cliche, but it was the best day of my life so far and DH and I were so lucky to be able to have that. We're looking forward to topping it, though! :) The picture below is one of our favorites from the professional photographer's blog... our completed and enhanced pictures should be done by the weekend, and I'm really looking forward to seeing that!


- Our honeymoon in French Polynesia was so wonderful and relaxing, we loved every minute of it!


- I knitted more than I have ever knitted in all my years of knitting, LOL! I only finished 12 projects, but I was very happy to be able to do even that considering that I really didn't get back into it until later in the year. I even learned to crochet for the borders of two different patterns! Very proud of that one. :)

Fingerless Gloves - In progress

- I practiced my photography and am really happy with how much I've improved during the year and hope to become much much better in 2009!

Relaxing on a bench

- I sold one of my photographs as a print and hope to do some photography eventually on the side... maybe.

Looking through

- At work, I have re-focused myself and got more accomplished in my project than before. Hopefully I'll graduate in 2 years now! :D Sorry, no picture for that one, haha!

I think I accomplished and did quite a bit, though I hope that 2009 holds lots and lots more great things for us! For this upcoming year, I am resolved to do a LOT more knitting, to do a lot of work on my research and hopefully get published, to get Kubrick a little puppy brother (it's in the works!), to run a 10K (DH and I WILL do this), to take lots and lots of pictures, to go to Brazil with DH so he can meet my family there, and most of all to have a wonderful first year of marriage with DH! I think I can accomplish all of this, or at least I'll try my hardest!!!

The new year is already beginning well as one of my pictures of my beautiful dog, Kubrick, was chosen for the Havanese Forum calendar! It doesn't take a professional to get a picture in there or anything, but I'm still happy that one was chosen. This picture was taken at Kubrick's 1-year birthday last year (April 30th, to be exact), and since he is my #1 photo subject, it makes sense to end this post and to begin this year with the picture that made it into the calendar!

Not at all shy! The Birthday Boy!

What are you all wishing for and what have you accomplished? Hope everything you want to accomplish in 2009 will be done!


  1. Many congratulations on your marriage! I was married in May, isn't it wonderful? Your photography is amazing, by the way, and your dog is just about the cutest thing.
    PS- thanks for the comment on my blog :)

  2. Congratulations on all that you have accomplished this year! It sounds like you have had some wonderful experiences ! I love your photography (congrats on the sale!) and I look forward to seeing more (especially of Kubrick - such a cutie and totally deserves to be in a calendar!)

  3. Kubrick deserves a calender all to himself! He's so cute!

    Congrats on all you've achieved this year, and on your marriage! Your description of it as the best day of your life made me smile and the photos look like it was a great day :)

    I love your photography!

    I had some bad times in 2008 too (I guess everyone must have, really) and I actually thought about writing them in my post, but I wanted to focus on the postive aspects of the year. Thanks for sharing your achievements, it made great reading! I hope 2009 is even better for you!

  4. Thanks all! I hope that you will get to see some more of my photography (as well as knitting) too... we'll see how much I can improve. :)